Ever since her debut performance in 1993, many reviews by great critics have appeared in almost all leading papers and journals.
Some excerpts from reviews:-


One would hardly expect that the demure teenager, Swarnamalya Ganesh, would tackle a massiv Varnam like "Saminirammanave' (Khamas - Tanjore Quartette) with its tricky rhythmical set up and emotional content, poses a challenge even to experienced dancers……. The varnam proved that the young dancer was an ardent student of the art and had a bright future.
- The Indian Express - 06.10.1994


The audience which witnessed Swarnamalya's Bharatanatyam recital on August 15, 1994, held under the auspices of Mylapore Arts Academy was impressed with her fine style and quality of presentation. The energy of this danseuse is admirable and each new sequences unfolded with a freshness of a flower.
- The Hindu - 26.08.1994


Swarnamalya Ganesh, surely a promising star on the horizon of Bharatanatyam gave a dance recital at Kalabharati, Vizag….. "the Varnam, a composition by one of the Tanjore Quartette was the scene stealer of the evening. Through a magical almost synchronous union of versatility and fluidity in form and aspect, the artiste danced with a maturity far beyond her own 14 years. This item alone seemed to set the star rising on her future
- New Times, Vizag, - 22.10.1994


The performance was notable for the danseuse's precision of rhythm and abhinaya, Swarnamalya, a disciple of K.J. Sarasa, has all the characteristics of a good dancer tall stature, tensile strength and a good figure with fine features.

The Varnam Saminirammanave, Khamas was the main attraction of the evening. It really proved to be a test for Swarnamalya and she succeeded in executing the intricate rhythmic patterns built into Jatis with fine foot work.
- Deccan Chronicle, Vizag - 31.10.1994


Swarnamalya's dance recital was a delight fulfilling all the requirements to bring out with ease the subtle niceties of Bharata Sastra and casting as well gleams of artistic exposition with soulful involvement. The finesse in the execution of mudras …… transcended the expected levels of maturity and professionalism at her age………"
- The Hindu, Vizag - 04.11.1994


Swarnamalya Ganesh is not new to Madras audience. She is certainly among the foremost of the new generation of dancers of this country. There is always a compelling charm in Swarnamalya's dance, primarily, competence in technique, flair in rhythm and eloquence in expressions. Her dance is always, best described as an experience of dynamic beauty.

She imbues the style with her own striking personality. She gave an impressive and enchanting recital recently at Bharat Kalachar Natya Utsav….. Talent, beauty and opportunity rarely combines together and Swarnamalya personified the rare ocurrence….. with vigorous foot-work, appreciable speed, communicative abhinaya, neat neck movements, rolling of eyes, she captivated the audience with poise and natural elegance.
- News Day - 21.12.1995


Swarnamalya Ganesh, disciple of Bhagavatula Seetharam Sarma gave an impressive performance at the Mylapore Fine Arts Club recently…. The Varnam in Natakurunji "Chalamela" as handed over from Rukmini Devi's choreographies, was the mainstay of the recital. The combination of different adavus for the rhythmical sequences and the theermanams revealed quality by themselves and Swarnamalya presented them with grip and confidence…… Her approach to Nritta is neat, with clarity in stamping and precision in footwork. The sancharis for the Sahitya lines, though limited, were apt. Swarnamalya danced with vigour, especially from "Nannu Brova Neeku Bhaarama".
- The Hindu - 19.01.1996


Guru Sri Seetharama Sarma's experience in music and dance is so deep and so compelling that there can be no slouches among his disciples. Kum.Swarnamalya Ganesh in her Bharata Natya Recital at MFC was clearly driven to high level of performance in tackling the Varnam……. It is typical of Sarmaji that he should choose the Nattakurunji Varnam of Srirangam Moolaveedu Nattuvanar which was choreographed by Rukmini Devi.

Swarnamalya's full talents were on display - sure footwork, angassudha, clean adavus and graceful postures that added up to a very creditable effort.
- The Indian Express - 28.01.1996


Swarnamalya Ganesh is a promising young talent, having been trained by B.Seetharama Sarma. Her recital for the Mylapore Fine Arts Club was lively and impressive…. "Sakhiye" varnam in Ananda Bhairavi was the main number of the evening. The choreography of Rukmini Devi for this as handed over to Swarnamalya by her guru, was well presented. Proportionate theermanams, and lively charana swara structures, made this number a very fine piece of choreography and the young dancer made it more lively through her involved and caring approach, revealing her sincerity to the chosen tradition.
- The Hindu - 24.01.1997.


To celebrate the 50th year of India's independence, MCC Finance Limited on July 18 presented `Vande Mataram', a dance tribute to Mother India by Swarnamalya Ganesh at the Narada Gana Sabha. The feature was based on the patriotic songs of Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathi which, in the early decades of this century, aroused millions of Tamils during India's freedom struggle.

The theme was conceived by T.S.Parthasarathy, the author of monograph "kavikuyil" on Mahakavi Bharati……. Swarnamalya seemed to have taken pains to understand each word of the songs as she depicted the situations with commendable liveliness and maturity. Draped in a simple white costume, she danced with deep involvement and self-relish and made the feature glow with artistry.
- The Indian Express - 27.07.1997.


It was hard to believe that Swarnamalya Ganesh, who was presented by Natyarangam at the Naradha Gana Sabha Mini Hall recently, is only 18 years old. The restraint with which she executed the adavus, her feeling and involvement, her impeccable nritta and abhinaya would have done credit to a much senior dancer………. The main item was the Swarajati `Sadaya ika' in Chakravaham by the Tanjore Quartette, a composition of rare merit in which the raga name has been inserted. It is in praise of Lord Brhadiswara of Tanjore and the very massiveness of the piece-put the dancer's stamina to the test as it took nearly forty minutes. The pathetic condition of the lovelorn Nayika was portrayed with skill and understanding.
- The Indian Express - 26.07.1998.


The Natyanjali festival organised by the Rotary Club of Coimbatore Metropolis, for three days, at the Patteeswarar Temple, Perur, was a gala event. The elegance of abhinaya in Bharatanatyam was brought out in full refinement by Swarnamalya Ganesh.
- The Hindu - Coimbatore - July 2001


:: Inspired to spread culture and her  strong roots, Swarnamalya  had taken the lead in organising a three-day cultural festival in her native village Ganapathi Agraharam near Thiruvaiyaru,Thanjavur  District on the occasion of Vinayaka Chaturthi. A harikatha on the greatness of Lord Ganesa by Selvi Deepika on the first day, Bharatanatyam  recital by herself on the second day  and devotional vocal music by the child prodigies of Ramji’s Isai Mazhalai marked the  Chaturthi Festival. It has been committed to make it an annual event in the years to come.

:: September 4 of 2006 was a great event and a red letters day for the University of Madras when the    150th  Year celebrations was inagurated by the President of India, His Excellency Dr A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.  A special cultural event organised to mark the occasion included a special programme titled “Vetri Nadai”  conceptualized,choreographed and presented by  Swarnamalya.  

:: Being a student of the PG course  in Bharatanatyam under the Department of Music of the Madras University, it was a  great  privilege to be invited to give this programme along with other co- students by the then Vice-Chancellor Sri S.P Thiagarajan.  This dance drama was an amalgamation of music, dance and theatre which involved top ranking musicians of the department of music which list included Gatam Karthik, Violin Rajasekar,Hebbar Ranjani, Nagai Narayanan and many others.  The programme received   praise and appreciation from all with raving reviews.

::Scholastic interest and academic pursuit of dance combined with   the deep involvement  in the various  allied subjects   paved the way for Swarnamalya being invited to give   guest  lectures   on topics related to dance . Sathya Nilayam , a well-known institution   of higher studies  functioning   under the able stewardship of Rev Fr Dr Anand Amaldas invited  Swarnamalya  for  a lec-dem on the origin , aesthetics  and place of dance in today's scenario for the students of MA Philosophy.   The  lec-dem was combined  with a  live demonstration and video clippings for  a duration of 2 hours which was well received and appreciated.

:: In the month of September 2006   Bharatanatyam Teachers Association of  Toronto had invited  Swarnamalya  to be the    Chief Guest at their 10th Anniversary Celebrations also give a  lec-dem on   aspects of Bharatanatyam to their students .  The visit was filled with interviews for the television channels ,  radios  and press media of the State  .

 :: Flair for journalism and   previous experience of editing    a news journal of ABHAI(Association of  Bahratanatyam Artistes of India) bestowed  an opportunity of editing a newsletter “The Dhim” for the Department of music and dance of the Madras University which was released by the then Vice-Chancellor Sri S.P. Thiagarajan at a function organized at Narada Gana Sabha attended by many senior dance gurus and students.

:: Swarnamalya was grieved by the sudden passing away of the great musicologist and her mentor Sri T.S.Parthasarathy, recently. A moment to share the memories of the great TSP Mama   at the remembrance meeting organised by scholar and musicologist Sri Pappu Venugopal Rao .  Swarnamalya is  also organising  a dance tribute in   his memory in the December season.